FutureView is a smart and personalized mirror intended to combine best of technology and housing products. It offers a modular and secure platform for business and private customers.

To be announced!

Tower Beer

TowerBeer is a product intended for the local Vukovar county region, due to its recongnizable form and well established brand.

About Us

In the deepest dark a single lit match can be seen from miles away, just as that stubborn light disrupting the endless darkness NetworkedCity intends to take the place of a lightholder and disrupt your everyday monotonous life.

We aspire to provide inspirational and exeptional modules of variant product lines by satisfying and giving the end users relevant answers to all their needs. We are implementing new technologies with high quality materials thus creating high end commodities with the sole purpose of simplifying your life.

Integrating our products in your everyday life secures your happiness and provides you with endless possibilities of reorganisating your life according to 22nd century standards.


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